Scott Latour started his career in the HVAC Industry at the age of 17. He has been servicing homes and businesses of Southwest Louisiana for over 20 years. With his wife and daughter beside him, the support and encouragement from family and friends the decision was made to start his own company.

Our focus for every customer is "Honesty, Quality, Service & Satisfaction"

Latour's Air Conditioning & Heating, LLC repairs all makes and models, working in residential and commercial locations, offering repairs, service contracts, sales and installation.

We proudly service all areas of Southwest Louisiana.

Frequently asked questions

Should I have regular professional maintenance on my unit?

Yes. Professional maintenance goes beyond what a typical homeowner is equipped to deal with, including things like checking your refrigerant level and cleaning the evaporator coil. Having a professional examine your air conditioner once or twice a year will also help catch problems while they're still small and manageable.

How often should I change my filter

The number of people and pets living in your home and how frequently you run the air conditioning will affect how often you need to change your filter, but everyone should check their filters monthly. When the filters are discolored or plugged, they need to be replaced; this is typically 30 to 90 days after installation. During more frequent use (ie Summer) you may need to clean or replace filters every 2 weeks.

What's the best temperature to set my thermostat?

The best temperature for your thermostat is the highest one at which you and your family still feel comfortable. For many people, this point is between 75 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit; for others it's much lower. Try setting the thermostat higher when summer first creeps up, then turn it down until you find a suitable temperature.

How long will my Air Conditioner last?

Good air conditioners can last as long as 15 years if they're properly maintained, but average air conditioners are expected to develop problems after seven to ten years if they're neglected. If you want to get the most out of your new system, check your filters monthly and replace them as needed, keep your outdoor unit clean and free of debris, and shade the unit during the hottest parts of the day. By performing a little easy maintenance, you can greatly extend the life of your air conditioner and keep it working at its best.